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"I am sending a file with a page I did for my youngest son Mitch. He was a senior in HS at the time. I am so glad I captured this because on June 12th, just two weeks after his graduation, he shot and killed himself. I have about three occasions left to sb for his senior album and his album will be done. I am including at the end of it his obituary and a lock of his hair. What a fitting end since his baby book also has a lock of his hair. I had most of it done for his graduation. He sat down and really looked at it just a few days before his death. My son accepted Christ when he was in elementary school. It is so comforting to my heart to know that he is with the Lord, healed and whole." ~ Kim F.

** Her story touched my heart so deeply ~ this is why our albums are more than just our photos...They become our story and our opportunity to share our love for those we cherish.
** See the previous and next photos for close up images of the journaling

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