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April 01, 2009



Oh, girl! I am so there! Thank you for giving voice to what's been on my heart recently. Something about turning 40 really causes struggles like these in our lives as women, in my personal opinion and personal experience, of course, and I, too, have been struggling with the voices of my identity. I've only recently come to recognize that I've even built a wall unconsciously that keeps me from letting His love completely wash over me. I'm working to do better and I'll admit I'm not there. I have recently given myself permission, though, to spend time doing the things that bring me joy, praying for a healthy balance. God is so good and loves me and delights in me in spite of myself and I'm trying to learn to love me, too. Easy? No. Possible? Of course! Because I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Keep running and keep expressing yourself creatively. Let His love wash over You and then let it overflow onto someone who's feeling unlovely. God bless you!

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